What We Are About

Who We Are 

Chavurat Teleiotes format is non-traditional from other churches. We believe the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation to know and live for God (YHVH). A person can grow with accountability, study, prayer, and fellowship in the Lord and with each other. Teleiotes still believes the importance of gathering together and recognize Saturday to be God ordained day to cease from the world and worship Him on Sabbath.  

Recognized Feast of the Lord 


Pesach (Passover)

Chag haMatzot -

(Unleavened Bread)

Yom HaBikkurim -

(Day of First Fruits)

Shavuot (Pentecost) 


Yom Teruah -

(Feast of Trumpets)

Yom Kippurim -

(Day of Atonements)

Sukkot -

 (Feast of Tabernacles) 




Simchat Torah 

Typical Shabbat Services 

Shabbat Services starts at 10AM

Shema - Music - Prayer

Every Service we do a Parsha "Torah Portion" (Time of reading of the Word from Torah, Prophets and Apostolic Writings) Three year reading

Messianic Dance - Oneg (Potluck) - Youth Classes

Every Monday at 6pm: Bible Study 


Pastor / Head Elder


Shane has been the husband of one wife to Ruth Ann, and father to four kids that are now young adults, except for the loss of one son John to the loving hands of Adonai. He has been in Moses Lake for over 25 years. He accepted Yeshua as his Lord and Messiah at the age of 17. 

He did three years of Biblical studies in the Missionary Denomination through Pastoral Leadership Institute.  In walking with Adonai, the knowledge of the Word redirected Shane to Torah Observance and walking a Messianic theology which started Teleiotes.

Elder / Zaken

Mark Kallstrom

Deacon / Sar

Aaron Massey